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Ariel Meredith: 25 Facts About Me

Ariel Meredith :: Stewart Shining/SI

Ariel Meredith :: Stewart Shining/SI

Ariel Meredith appeared in the 2009, 2012 and 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue. She was born in Shreveport, Louisiana and (as you can tell from Nos. 8-10) still loves her Southern cooking. In addition to SI, Ariel has modeled for Victoria's Secret, Gap, Levi's, J. Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, H&M, Target, Fossil, Sephora and others. Despite her chubby fingers and one gray hair, Meredith remains one of SI's most popular Swimsuit Models.

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1. I have chubby fingers.

2. I moved to the Big Apple at 17.

3. I was adopted at three months.

4. I have four tattoos.

5. I recently discovered a wisdom strand (a gray hair).

6. I have a dog named Hershey.

Ariel and Hershey :: @1arielmeredith

Ariel and Hershey :: @1arielmeredith

7. I've walked runways all over the world.

8.  I love cooking gumbo.

9. I love backyard BBQ's.

10. I love a crawfish boil.

11. I am obsessed with antigravity yoga (probably a good thing since many of these things are food related….)

12. I love watching re-runs of the Golden Girls. Always good for a great laugh.

Golden Girls :: Getty Images

Golden Girls :: Getty Images

13. I want have kids one day a little Mini-Me.

14. I am well known for my re-enacting the scene from Cry-Baby when his girlfriend was trying to get him out of jail. Classic. It's even on my DVR.

15. I love everything about the spa.

16. I enjoy nothing but positive energy around me.

17. My first pet was a turtle I found in our backyard.

18. I enjoy watching sports and kicking back with a beer.

19. I am bit of a germaphobe.

20. My friend and I were Salt-n-Pepa for three years in a row for Halloween!!!

Salt-n-Pepa :: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Salt-n-Pepa :: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

21. I love my job.

22. I love giving back.

23. I believe in God.

24. My dream is to open a youth center for adoptees and foster children .