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MUST SEE: Behind the scenes of Ashley Graham’s supermodel life since landing the cover of SI Swimsuit

Ashley Graham is fabulous.

We already knew this, of course, but once the world saw her on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and realized how amazing she is, everyone wanted a piece of her, turning her life into a total whirlwind since February.

“Since I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, my life has not slowed down whatsoever,” Ashley said in a video for Vogue, who went behind the scenes of Ashley’s glamorous life over 36 hours.

Over a day and a half, Ashley went from Las Vegas to host the Miss USA Pageant to New York for a fitting with Michael Kors and to attend the CFDA Awards. 

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“I’m so exhausted. I just got off a red-eye,” Ashley adorably says as she peeks from beneath her bed sheet in the opening scene of the video. “But the show must go on, because I guess I’m a supermodel now!”

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One of Ashley’s favorite perks about her new supermodel life has been her ability to impact the lives of the women who look up to her.

“The best thing about all of that in the last couple years has been all of the emails and the comments from young girls and also older women who say thank you,” Ashley said. “They were like me, they never had a role model growing up that looked like them.”

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Watch Ashley shimmy for the camera at Miss USA and shake her booty with Michael Kors at her fitting in the full video below.

“Do you think my butt looks good in this?” Ashley asked before her entrance to the CFDA Awards. 

Yes, Ashley. Yes we do.

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