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Feeling Down? Follow These Accounts for a Virtual Pep-Talk!

Fill your gram with some much needed positivity and motivation by following these 8 girl power accounts

It’s no shock that we’re all spending a lot more time on social media than usual. While mindless scrolling will kill a few quarantine hours, it can also have a huge negative impact on your well-being. So instead, give yourself a virtual pep-talk by following these female focused accounts and fill your feed with motivation and positivity.


Founded by digital creator, Candace Reels, this account will give you that unsolicited, but much needed advice on relationships, work and just being a badass female


Lauren Martin has spawned quite the motivational creative with @words_of_women - a beautiful combination of poems, quotes, and empowering movie scenes. This ones for those of us who like to fill our feed with an artsy and darker aesthetic.


This is for our CEO babes! @thefemalehustlers will inspire you to take that leap and launch that brand you’ve always dreamed about.

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Give this one a follow to fill your feed with some good old self care. This account is filled with reminders to say your affirmations or just take a breath.

Described as a ,”platform for unapologetically ambitious women,” and it is exactly that. Daily reminders to get up and get motivated and relatable posts that make you say, “omg me!”


A mix of girl power quotes and witty illustrations, this account will have you over that breakup and becoming a CEO in no time.


For all my fellow spiritual moon babes out there who plan their days based on their horoscope- you need this! This account will fill your feed with guides to navigating the full moon, mercury retrograde reminders, and fun posts for all the signs.


A place for art by women, for women. From cutesy to dark but always inspiring illustrations this feed is filled with hundreds of artists from all over.