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Brooks Nader Shares Her Most Embarrassing First Date Story

She went to Bond Street Sushi with her now-husband Billy Haire and her stomach was not happy.
Brooks Nader was photographed by James Macari in Montenegro. 

Brooks Nader was photographed by James Macari in Montenegro. 

It’s never a good sign when you react to being asked about your first date story with an embarrassing “oh my god.”

That’s exactly what Brooks Nader did at 2022 Miami Swim Week. She opened up about a certain first date at Bond Street Sushi that didn’t go so well. She showed up 20 minutes late, which is typical behavior for her, but that’s not even part of the story.

“I ate like my first bite of sushi—he already had everything ordered—and I sprinted to the bathroom and I was projectile vomiting everywhere,” the 26-year-old explained. “Because I got really sick, I had a stomach disease that I didn’t know about.”

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But in a crazy turn of events, the SI Swimsuit model, who has shot for the magazine four times after being discovered through the model search in 2019, is now married to the same guy, Arena Group VP Billy Haire.

“The waitress went back to the table and said, ‘Your date’s in the bathroom having a really rough time,’” Nader continued. “Didn’t specify throw up or what it was. Then, I sprinted out of the date, and he thought that I just didn’t like him and that was my way of getting out of it.”

Nader and Haire got married in a gorgeous New Orleans wedding in December 2019 after dating for a little less than four years. The Louisiana-native wore the Oberon gown designed by Pronovias. 

The adorable duo dressed up as Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis from Pretty Woman for Halloween this year and looked almost identical to the on-screen characters played by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

“But I did like him at the time, and I do now,” she clarified with a laugh. “There were many dates after that—he was totally hooked after I sprinted out throwing up.”