Camille Kostek, Katie Austin, Katrina Scott Share Nine Beauty, Wellness Resolutions for 2023

The SI Swimsuit models offer up tips for a healthy and happy New Year.

Camille Kostek, Katie Austin and Katrina Scott

Camille Kostek, Katie Austin and Katrina Scott.

The New Year is right around the corner, and for many people, that means making resolutions for the 365 days ahead of us. While we strongly believe that you can adopt new habits and make positive life changes any time of year, we also understand that the clean slate Jan. 1 provides is symbolic for many people looking to better themselves.

In thinking about our own resolutions for 2023, we reached out to three SI Swimsuit models to share their beauty and wellness resolutions for the year ahead. Here’s what Camille Kostek, Katie Austin and Katrina Scott are manifesting in 2023.

1. Adopt small habits to reach big-picture goals

Austin says she’ll be adding new habits into her daily routine to make sure she’s in optimal physical and mental health.

“I'm not a big believer in a drastic big change for a new year,” she says. “Adding small goals into your habits is the key. I am planning to add more lemon to my water, take a shot of apple cider vinegar at night and journal for five minutes at the end of the day. These small changes will help the big picture.”

2. Indulge in low-maintenance self-care

In the year ahead, Austin says she hopes to train her hair by washing and styling it less frequently.

“I've been on a journey to do less heat on my hair, as the older I grow it seems to be more damaging,” she says, adding, “As a workout personality, this is hard, but I believe anything can be trained—even your hair!”

3. Be consistent and remain focused

Austin shares that her word for 2023 is “focus,” and she’ll be implementing an organized strategy to reach her goals.

“A bit of advice for New Year’s resolutions is consistency,” the 29-year-old fitness influencer says. “Most people fall off track with their goals by the moment February hits. Think of a word to help you stay consistent and inspired.”

4. Make wellness a family affair 

Scott, a mother of two, says that she hopes to be more healthy and active as a family in 2023.

“Our four-year-old daughter Isabelle loves tennis and yoga, so this year we’re going to practice every week,” she says. “We also want to make more time for family walks and healthy cooking.”

5. Prioritize sleep

After giving birth to her second daughter, Colette, in May of this year, Scott says she’s fallen out of a sleep routine postpartum but hopes to get back to one in the year ahead.

“I’m hoping to get a little more sleep this [coming] year and practice some self-care at night with a skincare routine,” the 39-year-old fitness trainer says.

6. Write down goals

Scott says she’s going to write more in 2023, whether that’s journaling or making notes and daily goals in a calendar.

“Putting pen to paper is powerful for setting intentions, goal setting, small daily achievements and larger long-term dreams,” she says.

7. Meditate daily 

Kostek says she often turns to meditation as a way to destress, but she plans to incorporate the practice into her daily routine in 2023.

“I am going to make time for mediation every day,” she says. “It brings me clarity, peace, renews my energy and calms me physically and emotionally.”

8. Use clean beauty products

Kostek, 30, says she’s planning to incorporate more clean and green beauty products into both her hair and skincare routines.

“I’m very conscious of the ingredients in a lot of my foods, and I’ve been educating myself on the ingredients that are in my beauty products too,” she says.

9. Let go of fear

Above all else, Kostek is rooting for each and every one of us to overcome our self-imposed limitations to achieve our personal goals and dreams in 2023.

“My hope is that everyone reading this is blessed with a healthy and happy New Year full of love and joy,” she says. ”And while I have your attention... let go of any fears you have, stop limiting yourself and go after whatever it is that you want!”

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