Camille Kostek Returns to the 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue

The franchise’s six-time model reflects on her life-changing cover girl moment in 2019.

Camille Kostek returns for her sixth SI Swimsuit appearance this month. The former New England Patriots cheerleader won the Swim Search open casting call in 2018 and cemented her spot in the magazine for the following year. She was featured on the cover as a rookie in ’19 after her photo shoot with Josie Clough in Kangaroo Island, Australia, and that moment will always be a core memory for Kostek. She has been featured in the magazine every year since, and was photographed by James Macari in the Dominican Republic for the 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue.

“The cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, that photo put me on the map internationally in 2019,” Kostek recalls. “It literally changed my life. Whenever I’m feeling lost or looking for a new direction or not sure where I’m going to go next in life, that photo [is a] reminder of all the things I had to get through personally to be in a space where I could glow and be recognized.”

Camille Kostek was photographed by James Macari in the Dominican Republic.

Camille Kostek was photographed by James Macari in the Dominican Republic.

When SI Swimsuit editor in chief MJ Day broke the news to Kostek that she was on the cover, the heartwarming moment was memorably caught on video. The now 31-year-old, who is dating former NFL star Rob Gronkowski, couldn’t stop smiling.

“Oh my god. I don’t really feel like I’m here right now,” the TV host said between tears at the time. “This is me. And seeing this true Camille Kostek on here is just—I don’t know what to say for the first time in my life. Love who you are, because when you do just that, the greatest things in your life will happen. That is exactly what this is for me. I’m so happy.”

Kostek, who has designed her own jewelry and swimwear collections, uses her platform to advocate for body positivity and encourages women to chase their dreams.

“That photo means so much more to me than being in a bikini,” she adds, noting that she is proud of “the message that it has sent out” and the people it has “allowed [her] to connect with.”

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Ananya Panchal


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