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Carol Alt on dating athletes


With the NHL season kicking off tonight, it seemed appropriate to speak with Carol Alt. The six-time SI Swimsuit model is not only the host of Fox News' A Healthy You & Carol Alt, a show that focuses on healthy eating, but also has a romantic history with hockey players. She was married to ex-Rangers forward Ron Greschner from 1983 to 1996 and is currently in a long-term relationship with Alexi Yashin. We asked Carol about the experience of dating an athlete. Here's what she had to say.

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On the pros and cons of dating an athlete:"Athletes are unusual people. But what I like about athletes is that not only that they very disciplined with their bodies because their body is their tool and I'm very disciplined with my body too. But they are very focused on a job that lasts a very short amount of time. So it's very intense. You shoot like a shooting star and then it's over. And that's what modeling was. It was the same thing. I understood being second to the game. So if you're a woman who can not stand to be second to the game, don't date an athlete."

On the odd habits of athletes: "Brooke Shields and i just discussed this the other day because when when she was dating Andre she came to me and said, "Athletes! With the superstitions and the socks the same way each way and the same underwear for a week. How do you do it?"