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Chanel Iman Reveals She’s Expecting a Daughter During Baby Shower

Chanel Iman reveals she's expecting a baby girl at her star-studded baby shower!
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It’s a girl!

While celebrating her baby shower in Oklahoma with friends and family on Saturday, Chanel Iman revealed that the baby she and husband Sterling Shepard are expecting in August is a daughter.

Announcing the happy news on social media, the 27-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model wrote, “It’s a GIRL,” alongside a photo of the pair cuddling up together at the party while sitting on a pink couch surrounded by vases filled with pink and red flowers.

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This is the couple’s first child together.

Documenting the festivities themselves, Chanel went on to share a photo of herself posing with some friends in front of a topiary wall reading “Oh Baby.”

In the image, the pregnant model wears a flowing white off-the-shoulder dress while cradling her growing baby bump with her hands.

“WELCOME to Oklahoma Ladies,” she captioned the sweet shot.

Chanel also posted photos of some of the party’s sweet treats, which included multiple rose-topped cakes and a tray of mini cupcakes frosted with pink icing.

“So ready for this little girl,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself standing in front of a close line filled with adorable onesies and dresses for her daughter.

“Thank you @cherishep3@shelby_shep_ @ashleigh_shep for a beautiful baby shower,” she added.

After revealing her pregnancy this past Mother’s Day, the model told PEOPLE exclusively, “Our fairytale continues as we wait for the birth of our baby. As our love grows each day, Sterling and I can’t wait to share it with our little one.”

The model and actress also gave fans a revealing look at her growing family, sharing images from a topless photo shoot she did alongside the 24-year-old New York Giants player.

Speaking with PEOPLE earlier this month at the Fragrance Foundation Awards in N.Y.C., Chanel shared that “my pregnancy has been amazing.”

“I’m just super anxious to meet my baby,” she continued, before adding that “the first term actually was very difficult” and that she “was super sick.”

Perhaps hinting at the sex of her baby, Chanel referred to her bundle of joy as “she” at one point in her response to PEOPLE, before later clarifying to reporters, “I keep saying one thing, but I don’t really know.”

Opening up earlier this month about becoming a first-time father, Sterling told the New York Post he’s already talked to his coach about getting time off for his daughter’s birth.

“He was like, ‘We’ll see if we can get you a day off or something,’ ” the football pro explained. “I don’t want to be away from the guys, but that type of stuff, you have to be there for that.”

Added the dad-to-be, “I’m super excited about it. On game days, I see guys … they have their babies down there, and it’s a warm feeling when you see that. I’m looking forward to it … I can’t wait.”

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