Q&A: Chrissy Teigen on Ashley Madison, Amy Schumer and which Seinfeld cast member is the hottest

Chrissy Teigen's new talk show FABLife debuted this week. The show is hosted by Tyra Banks and also stars fashionista Joe Zee, interior designer Lauren Makk and YouTube star Leah Ashley. Chrissy stopped by the SI office to answer a few of our questions about the show and a bevy of other topics.

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SwimDaily:I know your show just debuted. Please tell me your mom will be on it?

Chrissy Teigen:My mom is already making appearances on the show. She pops up. Sometimes we try to give her a line but we’ve come to realize that Pepper is better off the cuff. She’s got like 75,000 followers on Instagram now. She really thinks she’s something, that Pepper. 

SD: Is Pepper getting an ego?

CT: She is. We were at the spa the other day and she swore up and down that people came up to her and said, “Are you Pepper Thai?” She also said Erik Estrada came up to her at Ralph’s and said, “you look so familiar, ma’am?” And she said, “I’m Pepper Thai!” 

SD:What were your favorite TV shows growing up?

CT: I loved Alf, Step by Step, Full House, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Family Matters. So TGIF was big for me. TGI Fridays is also my favorite restaurant.

SD: Random question: Have you met Seinfeld yet?

CT: Jerry! I wish. That would be a dream of mine. While everyone used to be psyched about new CDs coming out, I used to get his comedy CDs. I’m obsessed with Jerry Seinfeld. I know everything about him.

SDDo you have a favorite Seinfeld episode?

CT: That is so hard. I like when Elaine doesn’t know the race of her boyfriend and the boyfriend doesn’t know her race. Of course, everyone will say Soup Nazi but that’s not one of my favorites. I love the one where everyone thinks George is dead. 

Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander

Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander

SD:Let’s play Kill-Marry-F with Jerry, George and Kramer? [Editor’s note: There’s a few letters we’re leaving off of the word that starts with “F”]. 

CT:I would marry Jerry. I would F George. And kill Kramer. But Kramer could be a good F though. Maybe I’d kill George. I go back and forth. 

SD:Moving on, how many swimsuits do you own?

CT: I actually don’t wear swimsuits unless it’s for the swimsuit edition. That’s pretty much the only time you’ll see me in one. The gift bags I’ve gotten from the issue has maybe 100 suits. Throughout the year I probably get another 150 sent to me. So I just have a drawer at my house with a bunch of suits that have never been worn. On the beach I like to warp a towel around me. Brooklyn Decker calls me Terry for terry cloth because I’m always in a towel. I need shoulders out but I like to cover the midsection.

Chrissy Teigen and Brooklyn Decker

Chrissy Teigen and Brooklyn Decker

SD: Speaking of Brooklyn Decker, any good stories to share about her and Andy Roddick

CT:I will say that John, Andy, Brooklyn and myself -- our names might be on the Ashley Madison list. I signed up many years ago to discover what was on it. I wanted to know. But I was with John and I had no transactions so that’s how you know I’m not lying. Andy and Brooklyn - we were in a car from the Taylor Swift show - and we may have done it again. But you have to pay for the messaging so we didn’t do any of that. Some of the people are getting out of it by saying, “Oh yeah, I signed up with a bunch of friends but we were drunk. I didn’t do anything.” But then you look and see they had 67 transactions and you’re like, “you did do something.”

SDHow are things going so far with Tyra?

CT: Really really good. We get closer every day. Obviously being on set for 12 hours, we’ve formed a bond and everyone on the show has each other’s backs. 

SD:She seems both intimidating and super cool. Is that accurate?

CT: Yes. I used so intimidated by her. When she first asked me to brunch many years ago, I was so terrified. I looked up to her so much. I still do. She’s created an empire and led the way for models to be moguls. But it was scary.

Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen

Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen

SD:Do you ever discuss Coyote Ugly with her?

CT: I bring that up all the time. And Life Size too. I want to know if she knows the dance for Coyote Ugly but she wasn’t on the bar that much. 

SD:Do you want to be in a movie?

CT:Sometimes I think I could be the snarky friend but I could never do a period piece or a true role. An Amy Schumer type movie I would do. I can’t memorize lines?

SDHave you met her?

CT: Yes. I did a skit on her show called Couples Therapy. It was so fun though. Even more than just being funny, I got to see the whole comedic process. She takes all her sketches and makes 40 of her comedian friends watch them and everyone watches the sketch very raw. And after they raise their hand and say, “it’d be funnier if you said ’balls’ instead of ‘boobs.’” And she’s like “you’re right, that is funnier.” That process was so interesting to me. But more than anything, if you notice in Train Wreck that it’s a lot of people she loves and has worked with for decades. She really lets people come up with her and I think that’s a cool thing. And she’s not competitive with women like a lot of women tend to be. It’s really cool and she’s awesome.

SD: The football season is underway. Do you care at all?

CT: Nope. 

SD: Do you care about Tom Brady at all? 

CT: I kind of care about the “Make America Great” hat a little bit. But I am excited for Jon because he’s been talking about his fantasy team for months so it’s a very exciting time at our home.

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