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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's terrifying face swap sends the Internet into a frenzy

It was only a matter of time until America's favorite couple—Chrissy Teigen and John Legend—jumped on the Snapchat face swap bandwagon. And now that it's happened, the results are just as epic and terrifying as you'd think. 

The SI Swimsuit model and social media queen teamed up with her rock star hubby to use the app's wildly popular feature, which allows users to switch faces for a quick video, and we have to say that while the two make one super sexy pair, when face swapped, the results are laughable at best.  

Chrissy is pregnant with the couple's first child, and we have a feeling that the off-camera friend who remarks, "Maybe your daughter will look like this!", may be the inspiration for the humorous caption Chrissy used to later share the video on Instagram. 

Chrissy Teigen gets bedazzled in the most intimate of places for SI Swimsuit

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The web had a little fun with the couple's date night antics, prompting some pretty comical headlines:
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• "Chrissy Teigen proves she can never look bad with a John Legend face-swap​" on

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At least we know the two are still having fun and staying true to themselves, as they await the arrival of their baby girl, who is due later this month. Cheers to the happy couple and may we look forward to more hilarious face swap videos from them in the future! 

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