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SI Swimsuit's newest cover girls Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen talk about their feelings on SI Now

ONCE A CHARMINGLY overwhelmed Chrissy Teigenpried herself off the ground, and all evidence of running mascara was fixed, the newly minted Swimsuit cover models Chrissy, Lily Aldridge and a Skyping Nina Agdal (who even looks amazing as a pixellated blur) regrouped with Maggie Gray and MJ Day to explain why the event was such a meaningful one for each of them.

Nothing beats the reveal video, of course, (I fully did not expect to tear up, but then Chrissy collapsed in Maggie's lap and gawwwwwww), but I loved when MJ called Nina a super-babe and Nina went all, "Who, me?" Yes, YOU, person who just found out you are a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model.

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BONUS! Amazing screen-grab