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Chrissy Teigen is the muse of MTV, target of tomorrow's Wild 'N' Out freestyle battle

ADMITTEDLY I HAVEN'T really been an MTV-viewer since I aged out of their demographic* (with one, ahem, exception)​, but as the designated gatekeeper of all things SI Swimsuit, and given Chrissy Teigen's regular appearances on the network—Ridiculousness (where she explained the origins of this ridiculousness), her new gig as a judge on Snack Off—I've had to revisit my once long-term relationship with the network.

This time we find our hero on Wild 'N' Out facing off with Michael Strahan in a spit-take showdown, and later as the subject of a freestyle battle that basically threatens the fate of Chrissy's marriage. If this stuff strikes your fancy, and it does because you are reading Swim Daily, you can see the full episode tomorrow night at 11 p.m. ET on MTV2.

I can only hope this Chrissy–MTV love affair will result in a Singled Out revival. Tell me she wouldn't make a fantastic Jenny McCarthy

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*Here's a hint at my demographic: I'd argue Chrissy Teigen is MTV's most popular personality since Jesse Camp. And yes, in my world, that's a good thing.

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