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Let's play Word Association with Chrissy Teigen!

One might call it a perk of the job, but there are some days that you get to leave the office and go have a quick chat with the stunning Chrissy Teigen. Today was one of those days. Lucky me, eh? 


In an effort to lighten up the dreary mood that comes with a blizzard (it's March...this is ridiculous, right?), we decided to play a little game of Word Association. In case anyone doesn't know what that means, the rules are quite simple—say the first thing that comes to mind when you hear a word or phrase. 

Behold Chrissy's charming, unique and ultra-witty personality below: 

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Bachlorette: Chris (Harrison)! He hosted our party and is such a staple on the show. 

Bender: Ugh, hangover.

Aging: Me!

Tequila: Amazing...

Irresistible: ...(So I say, "I feel like you should say John?") mind went straight to sex. So that's it. 

Beach: Cold. I always get cold beaches on my shoots—no fair!

Bikini: Sports Illustrated!

Drink: Refreshing.

Burger: Shake Shack! I had two this afternoon. 

Swimsuit: MJ!

John Legend: My baby, muah!

Waffle House: Kim (Kardashian)!

Waffle fries: Chick-Fil-A, for sure. 

Super Bowl: Waffle House!

Left Shark: Super Bowl! And Katy! I thought he was totally on point and I don't know why people made fun of him.

Sweatpants: Pajama jeans! That's a real thing...

Locked out: walk down the hall and go in the elevator and get a key. I swear you could probably kill my family and I wouldn't be as mad as that night.

Oscars: John!

Street Meat: Thailand. Oh, the beef, pineapple, habanero...

Waxing: Clean...I like it!

Feet: Amopé Pedi Perfect! Obviously at Sports Illustrated, we are frolicking on the beach all the time and it's nice to have something to use where you feel confident and perfect. And you can travel with it!

We travel so far for destination locations, and sometimes we get to be there longer than our actual shoots, and by the time the shoot comes along I'm feeling a little rough. So it's nice to be able to throw something in your bag to feel confident and sexy when shooting with someone like Yu Tsai—who is the ultimate person you want to feel confident in front of. I love Yu Tsai because he's so vocal and for someone like me who doesn't really take themselves seriously as a model, it's nice to have someone saying "This is what looks good, so do it!."

So as long as I bring it on my own—I come with good skin, clean skin, a good mani, a good pedi, and a great tan—I can let everyone else do the rest! 

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