Christie Brinkley Poses in Black One-Piece to Commemorate Her 70th Birthday

The supermodel’s positive attitude toward aging is noteworthy.
Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley turned 70 on Feb. 2, and celebrated the occasion with a vacation with two of her children, Sailor Brinkley Cook and Jack Brinkley Cook, in an undisclosed tropical destination.

Birthday or not, a mid-winter beachside vacation calls for stunning social media content, and, in that regard, Brinkley certainly delivered. She shared several photos from the family’s idyllic getaway in the lead-up to and following her milestone birthday. The latest featured a stunning Brinkley wearing a black one-piece and a sheer white cover-up as she spun around on a pool deck with a big smile on her face.

Brinkley didn’t just stop at sharing the photo, though. She also took the chance to offer an inspiring message about aging—in poem form, no less. “This is 70, and you’ve nothing to fear, Because you can make it your very own favorite year!” she wrote in the caption. “It’s up to you, it’s in your power To choose to celebrate, instead of cower. You know what to do, Exercise and eat right, use your sunblock and don’t sit under overhead lights! Be curious, explore and go on adventures, just don’t forget, to pack your dentures Seriously, laugh and love with all your might …and I promise you 70 will be all right!”

Several fans wished the legendary SI Swimsuit star a happy birthday in the caption, while others commented on her positive mindset. We have to admit, we’re totally inspired by Brinkley’s approach to aging. Her positive attitude is praiseworthy, and worth taking to heart.

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Martha Zaytoun


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