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David Spade reveals he was hurried off the red carpet to make room for Emily Ratajkowski

Trying to figure out what on earth David Spade and Emily Ratajkowski are doing together in the same sentence? 

In a new interview on The Ellen Show, the actor opens up about some stories in his new memoir, David Spade is Almost Interesting, including the time he lost his virginity and his experience working with Chris Farley. He also shares a story about working the red carpet while attending a movie premiere, in which he has to share the stage with the one and only Emily—who inevitably steals the spotlight. 

While the photographers in attendance only wanted a couple of quick snaps of him, they were in a frenzy as Emily stepped onto the carpet and even forced the comedian to get down on the ground to get out of the frame. To hear the hysterical rendition as told by David Spade, watch the full clip below. 

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There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The power of Emily Ratajkowski's beauty is something not even SNL and Joe Dirt legend David Spade can overcome! 

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