Designer Spotlight Sale: Kate Swim


Every Monday, SwimDaily will feature a flash sale highlighting different companies that contribute to the SI Swimsuit Issue. This week, we are proud to feature Kate Swim.

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Kate Swim is a high-end bathing suit design company started by Kathleen Bruening in 2007 with the goal of creating innovative styles and body-enhancing shapes. The stylish swimsuits have been a mainstay in SI Swimsuit for the last four years including the 2012 cover featuring Kate Upton. "Each year, to prepare for the issue to come, we collect the design sheets and go over our thoughts and ideas of how we interpret the looks," Bruening says of SI's swimsuit issue. "We gather our own inspiration and photographs to help focus our thoughts on what we will want to purchase on our next buying trip and sketch as many designs as possible. We gather as many unique fabrics and trims as possible and then match them up with the perfect design. Once we have decided which designs will be made and what fabrics and trims will be utilized we create patterns, cut out the designs, and sew as many of the suits as we can until the last possible minute and then ship them out overnight!!" It's a difficult process but the result speak for themselves. The company hopes to expand into retail stores over the next 10 years and to launch a lifestyle brand including sunglasses, cover-ups, dresses, sandals, and many other items. In the meantime, look for Kate Swim in the 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue!

Q&A Excerpts

SwimDaily: How has Sports Illustrated Swimsuit impacted your brand?

Kathleen Bruening: Sports Illustrated has made a huge impact on Kate Swim! Kate began submitting to Sports Illustrated while living in Maui in 2010. After having three suits featured on the website she was hooked! In 2011, she got her first 2 page spread as well as a suit on Kate Upton. After moving to Las Vegas in hopes of helping the company grow she landed the cover of the 2012 issue with Kate Upton and the business took off! Since then the company has rebranded into Kate Swim, had another extremely successful year with SI and a large portion of the sales each year are generated from the suits worn by the gorgeous models in the issue. Sports Illustrated has been a tremendous help by getting the Kate Swim brand name recognized by reaching its millions of followers each year.

SD: Where do you see swim trends in 10 years?

KB: In 5-10 years we see even more focus on swimwear with heavy attention to looks that are luxurious and fun with lots of print, texture, and architectural designs.

SD: What does the 50th anniversary of the Swimsuit Issue mean to you?


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