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Designer Spotlight Sale: PRESH by Nicole Apostoli

Every Monday, SwimDaily will feature a flash sale highlighting different companies that contribute to the SI Swimsuit Issue. This week, we are proud to feature PRESH by Nicole Apostoli.



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Weekly Discount Code: SIPRESH (30% off all items)


Sky Blue

Original Price: $100

Price after 50% discount: $50

Item Details: Handcrafted, genuine leather, double wrap bracelet in our Twilight colored leather.  The bracelet features three strips for a layered look, and is adorned with sky blue colored bead details and a silver snap closure.

Candy Darling

Original Price: $100

Price after 50% discount: $50

Item Details: Handcrafted, genuine leather, double wrap bracelet in our Eggplant colored leather.  The bracelet features three strips for a layered look and is adorned with pink candy colored bead details and a silver snap closure.  

Brown Shimmer

Original Price: $135

Price after 50% discount: $67.50

Item Details: Handcrafted, genuine leather bracelet in our best selling Brown Shimmer colored leather.  The bracelet features five strips for a layered look and is adorned with mixed metal chains and crystals.

Q&A with Presh Founder and Designer Nicole Apastoli

SwimDaily: Tell me about your company? When did it start? Any interesting start up stories?

Nicole Apostoli: Presh by Nicole Apostoli started in 2001 by designer, Nicole Apostoli.

SD: What philosophies are important to the success of your company?

NA: Founder and Designer, Nicole Apostoli, is proud to have made a difference in many people’s lives and continues to build her brand under the philosophy that business owners must act responsibly in our ventures, which includes our impact on the environment and on humanity as a whole.  Aside from producing handmade goods in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nicole has personally promoted and sponsored individuals in areas where employment and fair work opportunities are scarce. Rather than utilize large manufacturers or factories to make her products, Nicole has enabled previously unemployed and untrained individuals and families that would otherwise not have a source of income to launch their own successful businesses. Nicole has also promoted environmental, health and safety education in areas where there was otherwise no access to this information. By continuing to work closely with families and individuals in need, she has built solid, long lasting foundations and relationships that continue to support others. The cycle is able to continue as these business owners are then in turn able to provide training, education and above average wages to families and people that would otherwise not have access to earning a living.

SD: Where did the name of your company come from?

NA: The name “PRESH” was founder and designer, Nicole Apostoli’s nickname given to her when she was a little girl.  Throughout life she has carried this nickname with her and named her line after this.

SD: Have you spotted any celebrities wearing you products?

NA:  Celebrity fans of Presh by Nicole Apostoli include Kate Hudson, Joss Stone, Rachel Ray, Billy Crystal, Tyra Banks, Kim Bassinger, and Hayden Panettiere among others.

SD: What new products are you most excited for?

NA: All three styles that we are promoting with Swim Daily are brand new to our collection! We are especially excited about the Sky Blue and Candy Darling bracelets as this is the first time we are using these unique and fun, brightly colored bead chain details.

SD: Where would you like to see your company in 10 years?

NA: We would love for continued growth and fan appreciation.   Our success gives others in the communities in which we work great opportunities that they would otherwise not have.  If we continue to grow, we can continue to help others, and that is really what it is all about.  In 10 years time, it would be ideal to have positively impacted so many more lives.

SD: How has Sports Illustrated Swimsuit impacted your brand?

NA: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has impacted our brand in a great way.  We have been lucky enough to have been included in the SI Swimsuit edition for several years now.  We proudly promote these editorial images and have received much brand recognition and interest from these inclusions.  Thanks Sports Illustrated Swimsuit!

SD: What has is been like working with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit? What does your company do to prepare for the Swimsuit year to come?

NA: We love working with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit!  Our preparation for the swimsuit year to come involves much fashion forecasting and paying close attention to upcoming trends in swimwear so that we can design accordingly.  We always bring in bright, fun colors – perfect for hot and sunny days at the beach!

SD: Where do you see swim trends in 10 years?

NA: We think swim trends are ever evolving and are sure to feature interesting cutouts and new shapes throughout the years.   Of course, there will always be stand-bys like the classic bikini – you can never go wrong with that!

SD: What does the 50th anniversary of the Swimsuit Issue mean to you?