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Designer Spotlight Sale: The La Boheme

Every Monday, SwimDaily will feature a flash sale highlighting different companies that contribute to the SI Swimsuit Issue. This week, we are proud to feature The La Boheme.




Discount On All Four Swimsuits

Original Price: $195
Price after 35% discount: $126.75

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Q&A With The La Boheme Designer Martha Rey

SwimDaily: Tell me about your company? When did it start?
Martha Rey: The year 2003 gave birth to the ideas and beginnings of the modern bohemian designer that is considered to be Martha Rey. This Colombian designer gave a whole new outlook on the concept of a bohemian woman adding the edginess and glamour to create an artistic and somewhat eclectic look. Martha Rey and her designs have continued to evolve over the years, seasons, and as the trends change, but have managed to remain true to her essence. The year 2013, also marking a 10-year anniversary for what has been a creative journey, has given the world a glimpse of the uniqueness and exotic craftsmanship of the unconventional Martha Rey sense of luxury.

SD: What philosophies are important to the success of your company?
MR: The main philosophy I've kept in mind during all these years is to develop  an artistic approach through my collections, telling a unique story  full of colorful narratives and unconventional handcrafted signature codes in my garments.

SD: Where did the name of your company come from?
MR: Martha Rey is the interpretation of my creative soul seeking for more adventure to express through my design process. Then I wanted to create some sort of artistic convocation of modern bohemians, where a gypsy caravan can awake the free minded spirit in a modern context , that's  when I though MARTHA REY FOR THE LA BoHeMe was the perfect name for the brand.

SD: Have you spotted any celebrities wearing you products?
MR: Heidi Klum, Nina Agdal, Elena Tablada, Taliana Vargas among others.

SD: What new products are you most excited for?
MR: Well for Martha Rey for the la Boheme I'm developing some in-house dimensional effects mixing localized over printing with a signature technocrat embroidery to die for , we will have in this line an edgy techno folk mixed- media embellishment with a lovely graphic art customized all for our next Resort 2015 collection. On the other hand, our signature bikini line, Martha Rey Vintage, known to be as the pioneer in had-dyed effects bikinis ,will show the new textile art evolvement with all of our new brush strokes and wall- art techniques.

SD: Where would you like to see your company in 10 years?
MR: I would  love to build a Martha Rey world through a retail shopping experience with 100 Martha Rey flagship stores  around the world, expanding our creative lifestyle legacy  and become the iconic symbol for bohemians of the new era.

SD: How has Sports Illustrated Swimsuit impacted your brand?
MR: Working with Sports Illustrated has been the most joyful  relationship for my company through all these years. It's incredible how important it is for a swimwear designer to be considered part of this lovely family. As soon as we get the stories' inspirations , my sister and I start figuring out the whole strategy so that we can organize  our SI editorial pieces. My sister is my soulmate partner, she works with me through the whole project and we design an extra manufacture and creative lab structure so that all the one-of-A-kind pieces could be as wild and outrageous as we need them to be. We are really committed to this beautiful project, that not only gives us a great opportunity to approve the creative challenge but also to start a year with a awesome brand exposure that for sure will promote a great business year for us.

SD: Where do you see swim trends in 10 years?
MR: I see swimwear trend always taking a key element of the past evolved in a very unique way into an edgy context, where the challenge for a designer is to continue with a clear ADN code but reaching an avant-garde sense of creative direction, to have to push yourself as a designer without losing your soul, CLEVER  EVOLVEMENT WITH A SIGNATURE CODE.

SD: What does the 50th anniversary of the Swimsuit Issue mean to you?
MR: For me it has the real meaning of a  powerful iconic symbol for this country,
Not only for the the status and brand awareness  of swimsuit edition but for all the great opportunities that a lot of people including myself have received to build their dream into an real business mode. I am grateful for being part of the history.