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SI Swimsuit models react on Twitter to #TheDress

Is this really the world we live in? Yesterday the Internet was overrun by two rather unusual social phenomenons—llamas on the loose and #TheDress. 

While we think llamas are cute, we were more intrigued by the infamous BuzzFeed post circulating around that begged to ask the question: What colors are this dress? 



As the above picture continued to move through the realm of social media, an intense debate ensued. Is it blue and black? Is it gold and white? Or is it a combination of the four colors? 

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The ladies of SI Swimsuit—aka social media queens, if we do say so ourselves—took to Twitter to weigh in. See some of their best reactions below (and excuse the was in the heat of the moment!). 

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The sports world weighs in on the colors of #TheDress