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SI Swimsuit Editors' Picks: Hotels

EACH MORNING an SI Swimsuit editor will reveal one of their current obsessions. This week we're letting you in on some of our favorite vacation-y places to crash. Perhaps one of these glorious locations will inspire you to pack a bag and head out of town.

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Alyssa Conroy, Editorial AssistantFOUR SEASONS MAUI at WAILEA

The Serenity Pool, naturally :: Courtesy of Four Seasons Maui at Wailea

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Courtesy of For

A few years back my family went on a Hawaiian vacation to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary. We stayed in Oahu for a week and then flew to Maui for another week of bliss. Every vacation since then has come up short and I am dying to go back. I am a avid believer in a relaxing, stress-free vacation and that is what this hotel offered. It was absolute paradise and if these pictures do not make you want to take an immediate vacation, I do not know what will.

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From the Four Seasons website:

On the sunny side of Maui island, graced with near-perfect weather, Four Seasons Resort Maui rises like a classical Hawaiian palace on the golden crescent of Wailea Beach. In Maui’s best hotel, savor the view everyone imagines when they picture Hawaii: golden sand beaches, swaying palm trees and sunny blue skies. The Resort is designed with angled guest rooms to give as many rooms as possible an ocean view.

Rooms: 380