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She got it from her mama! Emily Ratajkowski shares poolside pic with her mom

Emily Ratajkowski is a total babe. This is obvious. 

But now we know who deserves the credit for her babe-alicious bod. 

Emily posted an Instagram of herself and her mom in their adorably matching baseball caps and sunglasses, and most importantly, rocking bikinis and big smiles. 

In addition to her genetic gift, Emily can also thank her mom, Kathleen, for encouraging her modeling career. 

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“[My mother] always told me never to feel sorry or apologetic or embarrassed by my body, to never apologize for my sexuality,” Emily said in a recent interview with the Evening Standard.

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Kathleen also raised Emily to believe in girl power and urged her not to neglect her intellect.

“My mum said, ‘No, she’ll be a brain surgeon,’ because she didn’t like the idea that I would think that [my appearance] was the only thing that I was going to be valued for.”

We LOVE that Emily has brains and beauty, but we have to admit that we couldn't be happier she chose modeling over medicine!

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