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Emily Ratajkowski makes yet another compelling argument for going topless

There she goes again. For about the 100th time just this year, Emily Ratajkowski has us wanting to take our clothes off—but not our jewelry. 

You're probably thinking that's strange and if you're wearing layered necklaces and elegant cuffs, you should probably be wearing clothes, too. But let us assure you, everyone's favorite brunette bombshell is proving that simply isn't the case. In a new undeniably sexy campaign for accessory designer Jacquie Aiche, Emily shows that seductive body chains and ornate rings are best sans clothes. 

Is Emily Ratajkowski supporting Kim Kardashian with a NUDE selfie?

And while these NSFW photos invoke a feeling of high fashion, we love how the true "Blurred Lines" star mixes her sense of style with sex appeal like only she can. Still don't believe us? Take a look:

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Alright, alright—we have to admit it's unlikely that the topless trend will catch on this summer season. But when it does (fingers crossed!), Emily's here to show us how it's done. See the full range of photos here

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