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Emily Ratajkowski walked a dog through NYC in nothing but lingerie, and people are still losing it

Emily Ratajkowski walks a dog on the streets of New York wearing nothing but lingerie. 

Is it just me or did New York City seem to warm up a bit over the weekend? You can thank Emily Ratajkowski for that.

Sending the Internet into a total frenzy, Emily strolled down the streets of NYC on Friday morning in nothing more than a little lacy lingerie. The two-time SI Swimsuit model could be seen walking a dog in barely-there intimates, and you better believe people took notice. 

The LA-based actress, who's known for steamy selfies and R-rated Christmas cards, went on to explain that the stroll through the Big Apple was part of an upcoming DKNY campaign. Talk about crushing the dreams of fans around the world who momentarily rejoiced in the idea that Emily would be so inclined to take lingerie-clad walks on a regular basis. 

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So while we're sure that Emily nailed the shot on the first try, here's hoping DKNY summons her to strut her stuff again...

UPDATE: Check out the steamy video released today! 

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