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Genevieve Morton: 25 Facts About Me

Genevieve Morton :: James Macari/SI

Genevieve Morton :: James Macari/SI

Since bursting onto the pages of the SI Swimsuit issue in 2010, Genevieve Morton has become one of SI's most popular models. The South African model (and transplanted Rangers/Knicks fan) just finished her first half-marathon while raising money for Autism Speaks. She also loves playing with her cat Horatio while drinking Rust en Vrede Syrah and dreaming of an acting career. Want to learn more? Here are 25 other random facts about Genevieve Morton.

1. I love to cook and my favorite thing to make is fish. I also love to put truffle oil on everything.

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2. I have no problem singing wherever I go. In my car I sing loudly and I know people watch me at the traffic lights, but i do it anyway. And I can't hear myself when I wear my headphones so to me I sound exactly the same as the singer, if not better.

3. My favorite thing to do is hang out with my dad. When I am home we have a drink together, Braai (bbq) and talk about everything under the sun. We also like to build our own kites and fly them. Once we won a competition for the highest-flying homemade kite. It was awesome. Growing up, he sometimes took me to work on Saturdays and I thought I was very important handing him his tools as he worked. He is an electrician.

4. My sister and I are very close. When we were growing up she would read the Magic Faraway Tree to me every night. She would also wake me up for school and pack my lunch.

5. I have a cat named Horatio. He lives with my dad now. I taught him to walk on a leash and really wanted to teach him to go out places with me like coffee shops.

Genevieve and Horatio :: @genevievemorton

Genevieve and Horatio :: @genevievemorton

6. I love being a model and I get grumpy when I don't do photo shoots.

7. My favorite wine is the Rust en Vrede Syrah. It's a South African wine.

8. When I was in high school, I used to waitress at a French-Mauritian restaurant called The Dodo Bistro. One evening I stole the cement Dodo that stood outside and sent a ransom note to the owner as a joke. The story landed up in the local news paper.

9. My mom was the best cook ever and used to make the best prawn pasta for her guests. Unfortunately, I would have to clean all the prawns and I hated it because after 3 kgs of prawns, the smell on your hands is disgusting. It was also a lonely chore. I used vanilla essence to take the smell away.

10. I believe the key to flying in economy class on long flights is a good neck pillow. I also always forget to take the pillow with me so i have about 10 of them in storage.

11. I was 18-years-old the first time I went on a plane

Anne V and Genevieve :: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Anne V and Genevieve :: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

12. Everything I own is in storage at the moment. I hate this because I can never find anything I want when I go there.

13. I call my car "Kikomon 2." The original (Kikomon 1) was very special to me. It was a very old white Volkswagon City Golf that my mother left me when she passed away. But one day my sister's husband spilt a whole bottle of Kikomon Soy Sauce in the back of the car and didn't tell me. I could never get the car to stop smelling like Kikomon no matter how much I cleaned it!

14. I love going to watch Knicks and Rangers games. In fact I love watching all kind of sports.

15. I dated an Olympic swimmer. The best thing about that was he had killer abs.

16. My favorite island destination I've visited is The Maldives.

17. Charlize Theron and I are from the same town in South Africa called Benoni.

Charlize Theron :: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Charlize Theron :: Mark Davis/Getty Images

18. I keep photos of my family with my passport. It helps me not to feel lonely.

19. I take a lot of vitamins.

20. I can't stand smoking. The smell of it when I walk out of buildings makes me feel sick.

21. I like scented candles. They make me feel at home and because I'm always traveling, this is important to me.

22. My mom passed away from a terminal illness after five years of suffering. I was 18 and really struggled to get over it. Her death still upsets me as we were very close. I get jealous when i hear my friends on the phone with their mom.

23. I am studying acting and would really like to be good it. I would also love to be in a comedy.

24. I dont like inconsiderate people.

25. People used to bully me in high school. The boys would call me granny costume (a costume is what we call a swimsuit in south africa, slang). They called me this because i had a one-piece swimsuit and it was wrinkly when i was sitting. They would call me this everywhere I went, screaming it after me in the corridors or if i cycled down the road. For revenge I became a swimsuit model.

Genevieve :: James Macari/SI

Genevieve :: James Macari/SI


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