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Genevieve Morton thinks eating a burger off Christian McCaffrey's abs would be sexy

Genevieve Morton thinks eating a burger off Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey's abs would be sexy.

Hey, Christian McCaffrey! Looks like former SI Swimsuit model Genevieve Morton has some advice for you. 

When the Stanford running back took advantage of the opportunity to go shirtless backstage at a college football media event last Friday, the Internet went a little crazy. And by crazy, we mean a lot of female fans (and a few fellas, too) suggested the NCAA star might have a future in modeling if for some crazy reason football doesn't work out. 

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TMZ caught up with Genevieve to pick her brain on whether she thinks Christian could have a successful modeling career (because that's what TMZ does). And while the newest Carl's Jr. star encouraged the Heisman finalist to continue with football for financial reasons, she admitted that she thinks eating a burger off his rock hard abs would be pretty sexy. 

Sounds like Genevieve and Christian won't be DMing each other anytime soon, but at least she thinks you've got potential, bro!  

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