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Prepare to Scream Because Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are Having a Baby!

News outlets report that the high-power couple is expecting its first child together.

I don’t think I have ever run faster to grab my laptop to write. Gigi Hadid and longtime lover Zayn Malik are reportedly expecting a baby. Ever since my RHOBH and One Direction obsessions collided back in 2015, I’ve been waiting for the supermodel/popstar hybrid they’d bring into this world. 

Gigi Hadid Instagram

Gigi Hadid Instagram

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TMZ and Entertainment Tonight reported this afternoon that the couple are expecting their first child together. Gigi, who celebrated her 25th birthday over the weekend, is said to be 20 weeks along in her pregnancy. The couple are quarantined at the family farm with Gigi’s fellow supermodel, sister Bella along with mom Yolanda. 

What better excuse to avoid those belly-bump paparazzi shots than a mandatory stay-at-home order? We wouldn't be shocked if Kylie Jenner, the queen of quarantine pregnancy, gave her BFF Gigi some tips!

Buckle up baby, because we’re in for a news-packed few months watching this unfold. Thank you Gigi and Zayn for blessing the world with some much needed happiness. There is only One Direction (sorry, not sorry) from here and it is up!