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MUST SEE: Gigi Hadid has been starring in gorgeous photos for GUESS since 1999

If you ever doubted Gigi Hadid was born to model, let us stop you right there.

While the rest of us are Instagramming awkward photos of our adolescence for our #TBTs, Gigi apparently doesn’t have any embarrassing photos to choose from.

She has been staring in stunning advertisements for GUESS since her childhood after being discovered by the company’s co-founder Paul Marciano when she was two years old. Her first campaign ran in 1999, and can you believe how adorable she was? 

GUESS Kids Campaign - 1999_0.jpg
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If that doesn’t make you want to buy GUESS Kids products for your children, I don’t know what will.

GUESS Kids Campaign - 2004_0.jpg
GUESS Jeans Spring '15 Campaign (1)_0.jpg

Does it count as #TransformationTuesday if she was just as beautiful at four years old as she is at 21?

See all the photos of Gigi’s GUESS campaigns in the gallery below.

Gigi Hadid’s GUESS campaigns through the years