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Goals! Gigi Hadid's Sunglasses Collection Is Gigantic

She has more sunglasses than days in a year!

Here at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, we’re no strangers to a good pair of sunglasses, especially with how much time we spend in sunny locations! Throwing on some trendy eyewear can be a great addition to any beach look when you’re trying to get that perfect shot.

But our girl Gigi Hadid definitely has us beat when it comes to rocking stylish shades. Not only does her third eyewear collection with Vogue debut this spring, but, according to Paper Magazine, her own personal collection consists of more than 500 pairs of sunglasses. The sun doesn’t stand a chance with this blonde beauty!

Strong rays of sunshine aren't the only thing Gigi is shielding her eyes from. The supermodel explained that her affinity for shades really started when she began to have to face the paparazzi on a daily basis. 

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“When the world around me started to get really crazy and I would wake up every day and there were 50 cameras outside my house, my glasses were like my shield,” she told Paper. “They make me feel more confident and feel like I can go out and face the world even when I don’t want to put makeup on.”

The model also joked that because she tries on clothes all day for work, she has no interest in shopping or trying on clothes in her free time, which is why she prefers browsing for sunglasses. 

Honestly, we don't blame her!

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Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03513-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_02562-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_00684-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_01940-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_01209-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03375-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03576-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03276-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_02212-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03593-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03234-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_04055-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03482-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_01601-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_01318-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03348-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03568-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03888-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03391-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_01386-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_01103-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03562-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03307-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_01851-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03818-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_00881-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_03627-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_01221-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 web X159793_TK2_02136-rawWMFinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 premium X159793_TK2_03591-rawPfinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 premium X159793_TK2_02308b-rawPfinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 premium X159793_TK2_01076-rawPfinal1920.jpg
Gigi Hadid 2016 premium X159793_TK2_03839-rawPfinal1920.jpg