We Went Live With Christen Harper

Did you make the happy hour with the SI 2022 Rookie?

Christen Harper on set in Barbados, 2022. 

SI Swimsuit model Christen Harper was live on The Swimfluence Network and answered all of your questions! 

Harper, originally from Valencia, Calif., entered Swim Search in 2021. She won us over with her positivity and heart of gold and will be returning as a rookie in the 2022 SI Swimsuit Issue.

Watch below for her reaction in being chosen to shoot for Swim Search 2021.

“The most crucial part about Sports Illustrated is finally I was seeing models with a story,” says Harper. “Up until that moment, a model for me was this nameless, beautiful person. It wasn’t until opening Sports Illustrated…I saw the same women that I had seen in ads, but finally these women, they had a name, and they had a story, and they had a voice, and careers…I think that is such an important lesson for young girls, and it’s something I want to continue to push on my platform.”

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