Home Essentials to Keep You Calm, Cool and Collected

Even though I live in a shoebox of a Manhattan apartment, I love to fill my space with high quality items that are as aesthetic as they are effective. What’s that old saying? Quality over quantity? At least I tell myself that so I can sleep peacefully in my bedroom that’s the size of a closet. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite home goods that have elevated my home life and will do the same for yours. From starting your day with the perfect alarm clock to cozying up with the best blanket, this list will have you covered.


Hatch Restore Alarm Clock, $129.99 (hatch.co)

I’ve had my eye on the Hatch Restore clock for quite some time. Along with most people, I give in to the morning scrolling temptation. I know it’s easier to rely on the iPhone to get us up in the morning, but when it comes to starting and ending your day, it’s best to be intentional. This alarm clock not only helps you wake up seamlessly with a sunrise alarm light, but also helps you wind down in the evening. It has guided sleep stories and rest exercises to help you fall asleep, and pink noise to help you stay slumbering.

Pura Smart Home Diffuser, $44 (trypura.com)


This is one high-level diffuser. The Pura Home Diffuser can be loaded with two scents at once so you can change up your scent with your phone without having to reload the whole thing. Yes, you read that right, your phone. This diffuser comes with an app that you can use to set the scent intensity, schedule when it comes on, and there is even an away mode that uses your phone location to know when to turn off and on. It’s also the perfect night light with adjustable color settings.

W&P Fridge Bundle, $135 (wandp.com)

Has anyone else fallen victim to kitchen TikTok? I swear my feed is full of women stocking their fridges with farmers’ market produce in perfect organizers. It has inspired me to remake my entire refrigerator (with my Trader Joe’s produce—shhh, don’t tell). This W&P Fridge Bundle is perfect for anyone looking to meal prep or just have their fridge organized to the nines. All of the components are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. They are all reusable because, as we can all agree, single use plastic is out.

Brooklinen Cooling Linen Core Sheets, $299 (brooklinen.com)

The Brooklinen core set of sheets is a perfect bedroom staple. They are light and airy, and made of 100% linen. They are produced in small batches and stonewashed, making each pair effortlessly unique and super soft. This bundle has you covered with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases. They currently have some amazing limited edition colors that I suggest purchasing before they’re gone.

Stagg Electric Kettle, $165 (fellowproducts.com)

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, this is a must-have. This pour-over kettle has to-the-degree temperature control, an LCD display, brew stopwatch, and comes in a myriad of colors and accents. The design is sleek enough to always have out on your counter and will make preparing your daily cup a breeze. I even know it would work to cook ramen noodles (not that I’m speaking from experience, of course…).

Ember Mug (Heating Coffee Cup), $129.95 (ember.com)

Are you the type of person who microwaves your cup of coffee on the hour, every hour? If so, this mug was made for you. Not only does this mug keep your drink of choice hot, you can also set the exact drinking temperature you want it to stay at. It is easily hand-washable, comes with a charging coaster, and has an auto sleep mode so you won’t have to worry about if you remembered to turn it off.

Caraway Cookware Set, $395 (carawayhome.com)

In case you didn't know, teflon-coated pans aren’t the safest to cook with. This Caraway Cookware set is made with non-stick ceramic, is oven safe, and has stainless steel handles. This set comes with a fry pan, sauce pan, saute pan and dutch oven. The set is available in 12 colors (I love the cream), so if you forget to put them away, they’ll still look cute on top of your stove.

Italic Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket, $135 (italic.com)

As we get into the colder months, a weighted blanket is a must for combining decor and coziness. I love that this Italic Chunky Knit Weighted blanket will go with any home aesthetic and comes in cream, navy, and charcoal. It weighs 15 pounds and some of the medical benefits associated with its use are lower cortisol, boosted serotonin and naturally deepened sleep cycles.

Ellie Gill


Ellie Gill is the SI Swimsuit teams Production Coordinator. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, she moved to New York to pursue photography and video at the School of Visual Arts. Her passion projects include trying every boutique fitness class and scouting the best NYC snack pizza (it’s Joes on East 14th, obviously).