Hunter McGrady Embraces Stretch Marks and Mom Body in New Unfiltered Images

The five-time SI Swimsuit model opened up about motherhood, confidence and self-love.
Hunter McGrady

Hunter McGrady was photographed by Yu Tsai in Belize.

Ever since five-time SI Swimsuit star Hunter McGrady first began modeling at the age of 15, she has been advocating for body positivity and size inclusivity in the industry.

Now, the 30-year-old, who shares her two kids, Hudson and Ava, with husband Brian Keys, uses her platform to stand up for and empower moms everywhere. The Model Citizen podcast cohost got real in her latest Instagram post and showed off her natural body, including folds, stretch marks, curves and all, alongside a super vulnerable and important message.

The Los Angeles native shared her experience with the “transformative journey of motherhood” and how every part of your body and mind changes. She noted that while it is an exciting and rewarding part of life, it can also come with some setbacks. She donned a black bra and high-waisted lace underwear set for the snaps.

“Amidst this beautiful evolution, I find myself very much aware of a lingering desire for the radical self-acceptance that once coursed through me effortlessly. It is as though I am re meeting the very essence of who I am,” McGrady wrote. “Beyond appearance, it is a journey to truly grasp the nuances of my new body, the way it folds and bends, mapping out the intricate story of my journey, each stretch mark akin to a stamp in the journal of my life.”

The All Worthy size-inclusive fashion label founder added that she’s slowly learning to give herself patience and grace, and acknowledge that being fully comfortable in her body again might take time. For now, she’s focusing on treating herself the way she treats others she already loves or is getting to know.

“I have found myself repeatedly ‘dating’ myself time and time again, encountering various versions of my being and learning to embrace them with love and compassion,” she continued. “Ive been quiet, merely because I am in my dating myself again, learning to love and rediscover myself again, as I always have. ❤️.”

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