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Hunter McGrady Slams Revolve for Selling 'Being Fat Is Not Beautiful' Sweatshirt

Hunter McGrady and other curve models called out Revolve for selling a sweatshirt that reads "Being fat is not beautiful. It's an excuse."

Retailer Revolve is feeling the heat thanks to the social media prowess of models like Hunter McGrady

The body-positive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model called out the web-based brand for selling what many are deeming a fat-shaming sweatshirt. 

"Inclusivity is not just a hot button topic," Hunter reflected after posting a screenshot of the sweatshirt with a plethora of questions. "It's not a trend. This is people's lives."

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The line of sweatshirts designed by LPA, which are being sold on Revolve (the line has now been taken down from the site), features a series of quotes as said in comment-form to celebrities like Lena Dunham and Cara Delevigne. "As said to" is written under each quote, along with an Instagram handle on which the comment appeared, according to FLOSS, a London based artist and social issues advocate account. 

The quote said to curve model Paloma Elsesser has the Internet in a frenzy though. The Instagram account @florencegiven (for FLOSS) pointed out that the sweatshirt which reads "Being fat is not beautiful. It's an excuse." is featured on a sample-size model and thus loses its context and meaning. 

LPA responded to @florencegiven, calling the situation a "nightmare," ahead of a pre-planned launch with the women involved. LPA explained that Revolve put the sweatshirts up on its site early. The brand said in a direct message that "It's a collaboration with 5 women with the worst troll quotes. The point was to shine the light on how horrible trolling is." 

According to FLOSS, Paloma is "mortified about how this quote has been used, and is asking for her quote to be pulled."