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Hunter McGrady's Take on Wedding Weight Loss: ‘Your Fiance Asked You to Marry Them as You Are!’

Here's why Hunter McGrady doesn’t think you should lose weight just for your wedding.

Hunter McGrady won’t be losing weight before she heads down the aisle, and she doesn’t think you should feel like you have to either!

In an interview with Haute Living, the three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model opened up about why she believes that brides shouldn’t embark on weight loss journeys just for their wedding day.

“I always say, your fiance asked you to marry them as you are!” Hunter told the magazine. “I see so many women get so stressed about being a certain size that they forget what it’s all about. At the end of the day, it’s about you making this wonderful commitment with your partner.”

Hunter, who is set to get married this summer, recently celebrated her engagement with a relaxing bachelorette weekend in Napa Valley. Now she can’t wait to say “I do” to her fiance, Brian Keys. And we love that she isn’t changing her body to do it!

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Hunter has consistently been a outspoken advocate for body diversity, using her platform to help push for more inclusion in the modeling industry and beyond. 

“From day one I have always said, body diversity is not just for plus size women,” Hunter told Haute Living. “The very definition of diversity is ‘variety’ and so it’s important to showcase all body types, all races, all heights, just absolutely everybody. Everyone should feel seen and heard and feel represented and, however they identify, that they have a place in media, fashion, and the world.”

We couldn’t agree more!

See Hunter rock body paint for SI Swimsuit 2017: