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Inside Kim Crawford’s Camp Kim

Camp Kim is rolling out workshops with wine to four cities.

Do you ever wish you could turn back time and experience summer camp again? With so much going on in today’s world, it’s hard not to miss the “simpler” days of summer. Thankfully, Kim Crawford Wines is turning that summer camp nostalgia into an evening of fun with the launch of Camp Kim, a pop-up event series designed in partnership with Refinery29 and Black Girl Ventures “to deliver all the indulgence of a happy hour, all the bliss of a week at summer camp and all the reprieve of a wellness retreat.”

Camp Kim attendees learning Tik Tok dances

In late June Camp Kim hit Dallas as the second stop of its four-city tour, having kicked off the program in Los Angeles in April. In preparation for the event, guests were encouraged to dress in their best Texas glam and BYOB (bring your own boots). Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with an assortment of wine and specialty cocktails featuring their favorite Kim Crawford selections. Soon everyone transitioned from the bar to the dance floor to learn a variation of TikTok-worthy dance routines to “Body” by Megan Thee Stallion. The dance was led by Dallas-based choreographer Geena Ngaaje with a hip-shaking western flair, of course. The evening continued with a live DJ, Texas-inspired photo booths and networking activities to inspire those same camp-based friendships made as kids.

Camp Kim Dallas
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Following the event, Kim Crawford Wines vice president of marketing Julie Rossman shared what inspired the event, the importance of self-care and the company’s long-standing partnership with Black Girl Ventures.

Camp Kim will be making its way next to Chicago, on July 13 at City Hall. Guests will be invited to explore everything from a collaborative mural painting experience illustrated by local Chicago artists, live DJs, fun photo moments and, naturally, refreshing wine cocktails. The series will close out the summer in New York City this September.

Camp Kim

What inspired the vision for Camp Kim?

“Camp Kim was designed to give Kim Crawford consumers the opportunity to find balance throughout their everyday busy lifestyle, by mixing self-care into their favorite summertime activities, whatever that may look like.”

Why is self-care so important for women these days?

“Self-care is the foundation for feeling amazing; when you take care of yourself – whatever that means to you — you feel more confident in every moment. Through Camp Kim, Kim Crawford aims to inspire women to explore self-care that is true to themselves and reinforces their confidence. If wellness is a moment to yourself for yourself about yourself, Kim Crawford wants you to embrace your authentic self and empower you to feel confident in every moment.”

What can people expect to experience at Camp Kim?

“Camp Kim is a holistic experience with several activities geared toward self-care, making connections and exploring what it means to be your most authentic selves. Guests will travel back to that care-free version of themselves from summer camp with the eagerness for self-discovery, grabbing a new friend to try a glass of Kim Crawford.”

Why did Kim Crawford Wines decide to partner with Black Girl Ventures?

“Kim Crawford has proudly had a long-term ongoing partnership with Black Girl Ventures, where we embrace our shared core values of supporting those around us and creating a space to confidently express ourselves and feel empowered to be confident in every moment. BGC creates access to capital, capacity and community for Black/Brown women founders and is one of the largest ecosystem builders for women business owners in the country. True to the brand ethos of supporting and empowering all women, Kim Crawford is proud to partner with an organization whose mission is to bring strength, guidance and resources to women of color and their entrepreneurial goals.”

You can learn more about and sign up for the last two Camp Kim stops in Chicago and New York City here.