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Izabel Goulart's adventures in paradise

Izabel Goulart :: Bjorn Iooss/SI

Izabel Goulart :: Bjorn Iooss/SI
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Here at SwimDaily, we like to keep tracks of all our models' comings and goings. So when this message popped into our Twitter feed, we were immediately intrigued:

Izabel Goulart, who appeared in the 2011 and 2012 SI Swimsuit issues, was headed to paradise ... wherever that may be. It turns out that for Izabel, paradise is Trancoso, a former fishing village-turned-luxury vacation spot on the eastern tip of Brazil. Since Goulart has a habit of tracking all her moves on Instagram and Twitter, we knew that great photos of the Brazilian beauty's weekend getaway were likely to follow. And she didn't disappoint. During the trip, Goulart spent time laying by the pool, practicing yoga on the beach and turning heads wherever she went. And of course, she posted pics of the entire vacation which we've compiled for your viewing pleasure.