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Staying Healthy on the Go

There is one, ultimate temptation in life: the smell of Cinnabon in an airport terminal. It wafts down the concourse, ever-so-stealthily, whispering violently persuasive lies -- C'mon one roll won't kill you ... You're traveling! You don't have to be healthy! ... Maybe just one minibon just this one time? 

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Know who never falls prey to such fodder? Jessica Gomes.

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No sir (or ma'am), she doesn't. She's got a fool-proof system that gets her from one city to another, health intact.

So you know ... we had to get it. Had to. Lucky for us (and you!), Jess was happy to share:

Okay everyone, I'm letting my secrets OUT! So listen up! 

What's really worked for me is eating foods that are full of water and hydrating. It took me a while to figure this out, but now I always pack cucumbers, blueberries and protein bars (when possible, get organic bars--there's no bad pesticides or hormones!) for traveling. 



I also do a green juice whenever I can. My philosophy when I'm traveling is to eat foods that are like medicine, so I don't get sick. 



I know it's hard when's when we tend to reach for the bad things for comfort. But packing whole cucumbers has really helped me--they're good to chew on, they're tasty, fresh, and hydrating for your colon. And blueberries work because they have tons of antioxidants but also satisfy my sweets craving. 

Another thing I love packing is raw almonds with some organic, dried mango (the sort with no added sugar!). I love that combo--crunchy and chewy!



Before traveling, I always do a quick stop-off at Whole Foods to grab all these snacks and a few bottles of water--I'll do anything to not eat on the plane!

Another thing I focus on is drinking Green Tea or Ginger Tea -- it keeps me going and feeling fresh. I just carry some tea bags in my purse.



The most important thing is really listening to your body, not your mind.

It's hard when you're constantly heading off to all these different locations. On my way to China last year I packed three big cucumbers and I felt SO great when I got there! Darcie (Swim Editor) had these amazing almond bars that were really natural and satisfying and helped me steer clear of the oil and MSG in Chinese food.

Given how those photo from China turned's safe to say Jess's system not only works, but works very well! So go on, then, adopt it!