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Jess Perez launches new app to help freelancers keep track of their money

Jessica Perez has been featured in three SI Swimsuit issues and appeared in publications all over the world, but her biggest contribution to the modeling industry has nothing to do with her looks. With the launch of a new company (Tycoon) and its first product, The TycoonApp, Jess is out to make sure getting paid is no longer a source of stress for people in in her industry. The app is designed to help models and freelancers keep track of their income, something Jess thinks is long overdue.

"I do think most models aren't good with their finances and I also think it's not their fault that that's the case," Perez says. "Unless you come from a family that is good with money that is watching over your earnings and helping you navigate the complexities of financial management as a freelancer, it's extremely hard for models (or any freelancer!) to know how or why their finances should be prioritized."

The app helps keeps track of jobs, payments and makes it simple for the user to know exactly which jobs were and weren't paid for. Jess gives an assist to her boyfriend for helping her get the idea off the ground.  "My boyfriend is the one who encouraged me to pursue this idea," she recalls. "If it wasn't for him, I'm not sure I would've had the courage to do something that was this out of my comfort zone. But I met many entrepreneurs through him that were going for it and figuring things out and I thought to myself, 'well, if they can do it, I can do it too'."

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Tycoon has received strong reviews out of the gate and Jess is hoping all fellow models download the app and take control of their finances. "My vision for the company started with me wanting to create something useful that would help people I'm closely connected to (and myself as well, I use my product!). I feel like anytime something comes from a genuine place like that, something good is bound to happen." 

To find out more about Tycoon please visit their website at or download their app.

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