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Kate Upton Gets Down With Flo Rida

Kate Upton and Flo Rida on stage ... at a tech convention? Maybe it isn't the first venue [probably not the second or even the third, if we're being honest] you'd expect for these two to share the spotlight, but considering how Kate's Cat Daddy video went viral, Samsung had the right idea at last week's "Spring 2013 Launch Party," held at the Museum of American Finance, when they threw these two together.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 12.54.01 PM

Flo Rida performed his hits, Kate broke out her best moves, and when that all too famous lyric about turning around and giving a "big booty a smack" came up ... well, Flo Rida did what countless males have long dreamed of doing [right?] and behaved accordingly. Lucky for us, there's more than just Kate's twitter to serve as evidence. Check out the video below, originally posted by TMZ.

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