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Kate Upton Named Spokesperson for Gillette; Urges Men to Shave It All

Genesis Rodriguez, Hannah Simone and Kate Upton

Genesis Rodriguez, Hannah Simone and Kate Upton appear for gillette

Kate Upton has been named a spokesperson for the razor company and after sharing her body hair do's and don'ts [that's right, she cares and so should you!], the choice seems obvious.

Kate, along with New Girl star Hannah Simone and soap actress Genesis Rodriguez sit to talk about where exactly they like to see hair on their men in a new promo videos for the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler razor, which is meant for all-over use.

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The two-time SI Swimsuit cover model takes a stand on the "hairless double-standard" -- insisting that men be spotless "down there" if they want a shot with the 20-year old beauty. "It says a lot about a man, their confidence, and how they like the way they look," she adds. "And how they, you know, keep up with themselves."

Are you a male? Do you like Kate Upton? Are the answers to those questions one and the same? Then keep in mind this little factoid: "I wouldn't date a guy who had grooming problems" and immediately up your game.

And, just to cover any other body part you were perhaps questioning [or are now], Gillette's newest commercial has been released. Set at one of those fancy poolside cocktail parties where people discuss their grooming habits, Kate admits she appreciates a little chest hair, "but never on the back".

And then, well then there is the print ad featuring Kate's perfect "come hither look" and a mysterious thought-bubble that we're dying to understand. And that enclosed QR code is the answer y'all. Scan your smartphone over it and a short video will open where Kate answers more grooming questions.

Which just about covers it, and you!