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Katherine Webb Makes A Splash


When we last saw Katherine Webb, she was celebrating with the other SI Swimsuit models in Las Vegas after the release of the 2013 issue. Webb traded in her swimsuit for a ... swimsuit as she will be among the 10 celebrities taking the plunge in ABC's new reality show Splash, which debuts tonight. SwimDaily caught up with Webb late last week to discuss the new show.

SwimDaily: Tell me about your new show. Had you had any diving experience beforehand?

Katherine Webb: I’ve never had any professional diving training before this show besides swimming with my family and jumping off the diving board.

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SD: Is it as hard as it looks?

KW: It’s way harder than I thought it’d be. You can’t even imagine what it’s like. I tried to prepare before going into training but you don’t really understand until you get there and you’re actually doing it and you’re on the platform and you see how high it is and then you see how dangerous it can be and your eyes are definitely open.

SD: Did you practice before the show began?

KW: We’ve been in training the past 6-8 weeks for the televised competition so we’ve been working with Greg Louganis, who is the world’s best diver, and he’s been teaching us how to do all the dives for the show.

SD: What was it like on the first day? Did you know who the rest of the cast would be?

KW: I had no idea. It was a total surprise but the truth is that I love and each and every one of them.  There’s nobody I can say anything bad about and we all get along really well.

SD: What was it like hanging out with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

KW: Kareem is so funny in his own way. He seems like a very reserved person but you can crack a joke with him and I tried my hardest to get him to crack a smile.

SD: How about Ndamukong Suh?

KW: He’s known for being kind of a dirty player but I wanted to not have that in my mind and get to know him as a person and he’s really a great guy. He’s quiet and people take that quiet the wrong way and call him intimidating but he was really cool and down to earth.

SD: Even Drake is on the show? Are you a fan of his music?

KW: I’ve never really listened to his music. I’d only seen him on his Nickelodeon show (Drake and Josh). I watched him for the first time in years yesterday.

SD: Lastly, tell me about Kendra Wilkinson? Had you met her before?

KW: I had never met her but she’s the one person I probably relate to the most and she has her own career path like I do and that doesn’t mean that I’m following in her footsteps but as far as her life and her personal stories I can realte to her real well and she gives me the best advice about the industry and personal things. I love her to death. I am like her in a lot of ways. Whenever I hang out with girls I’m kinda like the dude. I’m not dramatic. I’m not a prissy girl. I’m not afraid to get dirty. I’m very sporty and athletic and we relate that way a lot. We just got along real well.

SD: How has your life changed over the last six months or so?