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Kelsey Merritt’s Puppy Pablo is the Cuteness Your Instagram Feed is Missing

Everyone could use some puppy love during quarantine.

Puppy love is real. And let’s be honest we all need some wholesome, adorable, feel-good cuteness in our lives right now. Meet Pablo, the adorable puppy whose parents are SI Swimsuit model Kelsey Merritt and her boyfriend, Olympic swimmer Conor Dwyer. If you’re like me, you follow all the cutest puppies and animals on Instagram and spend your days scrolling through countless images. If you’re looking for a new feed to get you through quarantine, I have the solution for you. Let me introduce you to your newest and sure to be favorite follow: @lifeofpablocito. Pablo spends his days floating leisurely in the pool, traveling the world with his jet-setting parents, going for long walks on the beach and sunbathing at his gorgeous home in California. Life sure is RUFF. So go ahead and give him (and his mom) a follow if you haven’t already, you won't regret it!

If you happen to be looking for some puppy love of your own, consider adopting or fostering a rescue animal. There are plenty in need of homes during these uncertain times. If you’re in the New York City area, MuddyPaws, See Spot Rescued and Social Tees are all seeking homes for their pups. If you're in L.A. Bidawee, Dogs Without Borders or I Stand With My Pack are good places to start your search (the latter is where SI Swimsuit model Jasmine Sanders just rescued her adorable puppy Kilo). Now for some adorable pics of Pablo to get you through your day:

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