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Kim Kardashian is in the running for the next SI Swimsuit cover, says no one

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WHEN WE first got wind of this item our initial reaction was disappointment that we hadn't thought of this one for April Fools. According to the dogged investigative team reporting for VH1's The Gossip TableKim Kardashian is anging for the cover of our modest little publication. 

Now that she’s covered Vogue, Interview, People, In Touch and everything in between, Kim Kardashian has her eye on a new publication: Sports Illustrated. Much like Beyonce, Kim wants to snag swimsuit issue [sic]. Now that would get people talking!

Then there's Bossip which states with steadfast authority, "Posting a teaser video to her Instagram page of her flipping her hair in a swimming pool, she captioned it ‘coming soon’, and she’s not talking about the need for a towel to dry herself – she’s talking about SI!"

So many questions. Like who are these gossipmongers and where are they getting their info? Is this the crafty work of evil click-bait geniuses, spinning the non-story of those bizarre Instagram videos Kim's been posting as an excuse to invoke her name? (Yes.) Who knows? All we can say is this: Kim, we'll give it some thought. But in the meantime you'll need to run the SwimDailyCasting Call gauntlet. We're dying to know what's on your bucket list.

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