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Maggie Rawlins is our Second Rookie of 2021!

From COVID frontline nurse to a SI Swimsuit shoot, Maggie proves she is a model citizen.

Maggie Rawlins was working as a registered nurse in Charleston when a fashion scout approached her. With student loans to pay off, she decided to give modeling a try, and she's since been shot for Love Magazine and the cover of Elle Croatia as well as having landed regular ad work. But the SI Swimsuit rookie never strays far from her roots as a healthcare worker. During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been on the front lines helping New York City patients, working between several hospitals in Queens, something she called “an honor.” Plus, Rawlins volunteers as a One World Health ambassador, bringing affordable high quality healthcare to underserved communities. Talk about a model citizen.

Maggie Rawlins was shot by James Macari in Hollywood, FL wearing Sage Swim.

Maggie Rawlins was shot by James Macari in Hollywood, FL wearing Sage Swim.

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We met Maggie on her first trip to New York City after she decided to pursue modeling and we’ve watched her career evolve ever since. Not only is she an incredibly beautiful model, she is also living proof that it’s never too late to give back to your community. She returned to her career in nursing when COVID-19 hit, volunteering to work at several hospitals in Queens. As a former pediatric oncology nurse and a COVID frontline warrior, her dedication, commitment and passion towards helping others are the types of traits we love to celebrate and highlight.

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