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Meet Marloes Horst, Rookie No. 5

Over the next two weeks SwimDaily will be releasing the identities of the record-high 12 rookies picked to carry the Swimsuit franchise into its next 50 years. Check back every day at 2 p.m. ET for a new reveal!

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Give a warm verwelkomen to Marloes Horst

Marloes Horst :: Photo by Derek Kettela/SI | Swimsuit by STONE FOX SWIM

Marloes Horst :: Derek Kettela/SI
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Marloes Horst | 24 | Friesland, Holland

Friesland is in the countryside; little villages and stuff.  It has all the most hardcore Dutch thing—the windmills, the long stretched out fields of cows, tulips. We had an hour bike ride to get to school, and everyone from the different villages would meet up at one spot and ride, wearing the biggest, dorkiest backpacks.

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