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Men's Style Advice

Men, are you tired of not knowing what to wear? Is trying to be fashion-savvy stressing you out? Don't worry. SI Swimsuit model Adaora is here to help.

Adaora :: Kayt Jones/SI

Adaora :: Kayt Jones/SI

When I see a guy with style I go "Mmm-hmm!"  It says a lot about his personality and its sexy.  My girlfriends and I always notice the guy who looks like he puts some effort into his appearance.  So, do you have "that mmm-hmm style?!"  Regardless of whether you do or not, send in a pic of yourself to and I'll give you some feedback! Here are 10 wardrobe tips that you may find helpful.

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1. Make sure that your clothes are not oversized.  Think custom-made fit.  Besides, the ladies want to see some definition!

2. Don't be afraid to splurge on shoes.  Biker boots, Timberlands, loafers, Jordans, wing tips...The right shoe will take you're look from "eh" to "mmm-hmm" in a heart beat. Have a range of color and make sure they're clean!

3. Go real edgy sleek with head-to-toe all black. "Mmm-hmm!"

LeBron James :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

LeBron James :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

4. Push up those long sleeves.  Look refined but hip casual at the same time.  A lady needs to know that you're not afraid to get a little dirty ;-)

Socks are key. If you like preppy then throw on a cardigan or sport coat, cuff the bottom of your slim fit pants, and show off a pair of clean interesting pattern or bright colored socks. Those socks could be a conversation starter so chose 'em wisely!

6. Be color bold.  Red jeans with a black shirt and blazer, and shiny black shoes. This could be a hot date look! "Mmm-hmm!"

7. Finalize and enhance any look with an accessory.  A hat (fitted, baseball, wool skull, a fedora...), glasses (reading or sunglasses), bracelets, watch, necklace or chain, belt, messanger bag, neck or bow tie.

Russell Westbrook :: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook :: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

8. Mix and match with patterns.  This really works well with dress shirts and ties.

9. Combine the casual with the formal.  Try a cashmere hoodie with a dress shirt and bow tie.

10. Feeling laid-back?  Can't go wrong with a t-shirt half-tucked, denim, and a fresh pair of kicks or biker boots.  If you elect the half-tuck make sure that the belt matches the shoes.

I hope that you find these tips helpful and inspirational!  Remember that style is a form of individual expression so make it you're own and you won't go wrong.  You're confidence will only double with all the attention you're sure to receive..."mmm-hmm!" If you have any style questions, email them to