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Meet Natalie Mariduena the First Rookie of 2021!

The "phenomenon" uses her popularity to have a strong voice, and we like it.

Natalie Mariduena has not only owned the concept of being an influencer, she’s run away with it, having amassed 8.2 million followers across her platforms. She is a force both behind and in front of the camera. At just 24, she’s produced iconic moments on David Dobrik’s vlog, started several consumer product businesses, became Head of Brand for a new social app, Dispo, and has an ownership stake in the new National Women’s Soccer League franchise slated to begin to play in Los Angeles next year, Angel City FC. But beyond her business ventures, Mariduena also uses her popularity to have a strong voice. She regularly promotes sustainability, female empowerment, body positivity and political initiatives. One thing is for sure; this is just the beginning for the young entrepreneur.

Natalie Mariduena was shot by James Macari in Hollywood, FL.

Natalie Mariduena was shot by James Macari in Hollywood, FL.

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Natalie is a phenomenon. She is beautiful, kind, intelligent and creative. Fan after fan circled and approached her during our shoot and she graciously greeted every one of them with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. You immediately get why she has made such an impact on her legions of followers. Being at the forefront of industry change, Natalie beautifully blurs the line in a world that too often tells women that they have to pick a lane and stay in it. We are proud to celebrate a woman like Natalie, a like-minded individual who is passionate about seeing the SI Swimsuit message through. She recognizes the importance of changing the industry, using her following and her notoriety to help others. She has created her own success story through her entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen and relatable mentality. We are excited to share her story in hopes of inspiring others.

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