NFL Cheerleader Berkleigh Wright Is a Multifaceted Businesswoman at Heart

The 2024 SI Swimsuit rookie is a model and cheerleader who also works in the tech industry.
Berkleigh Wright was photographed by Derek Kettela in Belize.
Berkleigh Wright was photographed by Derek Kettela in Belize. / Derek Kettela/Sports Illustrated

There is no one way to describe Berkleigh Wright. The 2024 SI Swimsuit rookie is not just a model. In fact, modeling is one of her more recent pursuits. She’s not just an NFL cheerleader, either—though she certainly is an impressive force as a cheer captain on the Denver Broncos sideline.

In addition to these careers, Wright has a full-time job in the tech industry, giving her the chance to flex some of the skills that she developed at the University of Kansas. In college the cheerleader studied strategic communications, business and psychology. She is, in her own words, “a businesswoman at heart.” 

Despite her career as a technical account manager/analyst, people have a lot of misconceptions about Wright. “A lot of people,” she says, believe “cheerleading and modeling are my full-time gig[s].” Perhaps it’s because those pursuits are more visible to the public. Regardless, she wants everyone to know that her creative endeavors are far from the full story. “I work in the tech industry, and I hustle day in and day out,” she notes. 

Yes, she’s a model, but she’s not only a model. That’s something, according to Wright, that people often forget about. “I think a lot of people just tend to forget that models are regular humans with depth and stories to share,” she says. 

When people are looking through the SI Swimsuit Issue next month, Wright wants people to remember that. After all, “there are so many fun facts about us or stories that you have yet to learn,” she explains.

For Wright, one of those—perhaps unexpected—fun facts is her passion for reading. Over the past few years, she has used her social media platform to share her reading lists and book reviews. She almost always has a book on hand—and she’s always happy to share her recommendations with friends and followers through her “Bookin’ It With Berk” platform on TikTok.

This year, the SI Swimsuit team has gotten to know Wright a little bit better. Now you can, too. Read more about Wright’s 2024 SI Swimsuit rookie photo shoot here.

Martha Zaytoun


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