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High schooler Jake Davidson discusses his night at the prom with Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal and Jake Davidson :: @ninaagdal

Nina Agdal and Jake Davidson :: @ninaagdal

In March, California high school student Jake Davidson made national news with this video plea for Kate Upton to be his prom date. Unfortunately for Jake, Kate was unable to attend. Fortunately for Jake, Nina Agdal stepped up and offered to go with him instead. SwimDaily caught up with Davidson to discuss the prom and his big night with Nina.

SwimDaily: How did the Nina date come about?

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Jake Davidson: Inside Edition helped set the whole thing up. They told me Nina Agdal wanted to go to prom. I didn't have a date anyways, so I thought why not!

SD: When we last spoke, you said Kate Upton is your No. 1, 2 and 3 choice. Was Nina a decent consolation prize?

JD: After meeting and going to prom with Nina, it would be quite the understatement to call her a consolation prize. In fact I have to reorganize my list based on experience, with Nina taking spots 1-100.

SD: Tell me about the night?

JD: She came over to my house to meet my family and then we headed over to pre-prom, which is where everyone from school takes pictures. Then we headed to prom for a little bit, the usual schedule, but with a very unique date.

SD: How did Nina get along with your family?

JD: She got along very well, she is incredibly friendly and nice so it is easy for everyone to get along with her.

SD: Did your friends approve of your date? Were you two the stars of the prom?

JD: All of my guy friends loved the choice and certainly approved, and a lot of the girls wanted to get into photos with us as well. I would venture to say that a few heads turned when I walked in with Nina on my arm.

SD: Did any girls try to steal you away from Nina? Did any guys try and steal Nina from you?

JD: Not at all.

SD: Were there one or two funny moments during the night?

JD: I tried the only Danish phrase I know and I really butchered the delivery. Then Nina was able to teach me the right delivery.

SD: Had you known Nina before - had you seen her Carl's Jr. commercial?

JD: I knew who she was by face because of Carl's Jr. and Sports Illustrated but not by name. But now I do!

SD: You've admitted you have a crush on Kate. You've been on a date with Nina. Which model is next?

JD: I would never have expected this date, so I can only hope my lucky streak continues. I think as a 17 year old boy, I would love to go on a date with any model, so I am really not picky! It would be great if they were as cool and fun as Nina.

SD: Is this the high point of your life? Can it get any better than Nina Agdal as a date?

JD: It was a pretty incredible night and I enjoyed it a lot, but I don't think it was the high point of my life. It is certainly up there though! And absolutely not, Nina Agdal is the perfect date!

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