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Meet Nyma Tang our new SI Swim 2021 Rookie

This multi-dimensional powerhouse rocks our world.

As a self-taught beauty maven, Nyma Tang has quickly become the go-to expert in the world of makeup. Born in Ethiopia and having immigrated from South Sudan, she has amassed a following of more than one million subscribers on YouTube, sharing everything from tutorials to product reviews. In 2018, Tang created her own shade of lipstick for MAC Cosmetics and has collaborated with Bobbi Brown and Fenty Beauty. While her tips and insight are spot on, it’s her advocacy for diversity, inclusion and more makeup-shade ranges in the beauty industry that make this digital content producer beautiful inside and out.

MJ Day: Why Nyma?

There is such parallelism between SI Swimsuit and Nyma's messaging that it was a no brainer to name her one of our rookies this year. She uses her platform to push for greater inclusion and understanding of dark-skinned women in the beauty industry and to lobby cosmetic brands to make more inclusive shade ranges. On top of that, she encourages people to feel fulfilled with themselves and has created a space for inclusivity, growth and exploration. This is our exact goal. She is a multi-dimensional powerhouse and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her in our issue.

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