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Want to be Friends With Olivia Brower? You Must Love Dogs

Who doesn’t love a cute puppy pic to brighten up their day?

SI Swimsuit model Olivia Brower is a California native and an all-around animal lover. She spent a few months a while back fostering the sweetest pitbull named Honey. Olivia was matched with Honey by the La Belle Foundation, a Los Angeles-based organization devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating and advocating for dogs. If you had followed along on Olivia’s Instagram, you would have seen the countless stories posted of their times together. This, in turn, made us want to find some puppy love of our own.

If you want a puppy to snuggle up with, consider adopting or fostering a rescue animal. There are plenty in need of homes during these uncertain times. If you’re in the New York City area, MuddyPaws, See Spot Rescued and Social Tees are all seeking homes for their pups. If you're in L.A. La Belle Foundation, Bidawee, Dogs Without Borders or I Stand With My Pack are good places to start your search (SI Swimsuit model Jasmine Sanders just rescued her adorable puppy Kilo from the latter).

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Puppy pics are always a sure to brighten your day (especially while in quarantine) so we’ve rounded up the best from Olivia’s Instagram feed to share with you.